1st international conference entitled:

 „Exhibition of the Heritage Items"

Dubrovnik Research Library
March 24-25, 2022



Dubrovnik Libraries, the Research Library is organizing 1st international conference entitled „Exhibition of the Heritage Items "

The Conference is organized by the Dubrovnik Libraries. The Conference will explore best practice in sustainable preventive conservation and risk management approaches to collection care before, during, and after display. New technologies and ideas can lead to qualitative experience improvements for the visitor while maintaining proper conditions for the preservation of the artifacts, although traditional approaches should not be neglected or misrepresented either. The sessions are intended for curators, exhibit designers, preparators, conservators, librarians, archivists,  security staff, and any others involved in exhibition planning, design and installation at cultural institutions.

The estimated duration of the lecture is 15-20 minutes accompanied by a power point presentation. Lectures and follow-up discussions are open to the public and the media, and will be documented, photo, audio and video, for the purpose of archiving the project and marketing. 

Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Questions regarding the event are submitted to the, 


Working language is English.

Time zone: Europe/Zagreb - UTC+1 hour